Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's Aprillll!!!!

And you know what that means?!

Time for a facelift (thank you Audrey!) and a new challenge!

Thank you to all who participated in last month! Together we encouraged at least 8 people! :)

This month's challenge is going to be a tough one for me.

For years, I devoured any book regarding orphans and adoption.

Then....I just couldn't do it anymore.

After holding these tiny babies, playing with these needy children, and seeing the pain of poverty I just couldn't do it.

Reading more about it just made me more discouraged. Reading more about the need just made my heart ache more.

But it's time that I get past this stage.

Because I can't hide my face from it forever.

The Lord has been teaching me recently about how important education is. He speaks of knowledge and wisdom SO MUCH in the Bible. Not only knowledge of Him and His Word, but knowledge of our world, wisdom that will help guide us through.

And so if I am to go live in a foreign country after I graduate, I need to be well-informed. Well-prepared to go and serve.

So this month's challenge is to pick a book regarding orphans, adoption, foster care, orphan ministry, etc. and READ it! Ask God to show you something, prick your heart. This month may only be challenging for me. And I'm okay with that. I pray that the rest of you will at least learn and grow from it.

If you know of any great books that the rest of us should read- leave a comment!

My next post (sometime this week I promise!) will be a list of book options! There are some really great ones out there! :)


  1. Great, I just started reading "Scared" by Tom Davis (for the second time), so that is my choice for this month! :)

    Here are some more suggestions:
    "Fields of the Fatherless" Tom Davis
    "Red Letters" Tom Davis
    "The Waiting Child" Cindy Champnella
    "Saving Levi" Lisa Misraje Bentley
    "Castaway Kid" R.B. Mitchell
    "Dangerous Surrender" Kay Warren

    .....Just to name a few, haha!

  2. LOVE
    LOVE the new look!!!!!!
    I'll have to be thinking about which book to choose. I actually haven't read that many. If reading a blog counted as reading a book I would have read about 100000 books on adoption and ministry:)