Saturday, April 17, 2010

Reading List! :)

Alright y'all!

Get to the library. Your bookshelf. Your friend's bookshelf. A stranger's bookshelf.

I don't care where! :)

But we need to pick a book!

Here's a reading idea list: (Thanks sharon for some ideas, I'd had almost all the same ones!)
1. "Fields of the Fatherless" by Tom Davis
2. "Red Letters" by Tom Davis
3. "Scared" by Tom Davis
4. "The Waiting Child" by Cindy Chapnella
5. "Saving Levi" by Lisa Misraje Bentley
6. "Castaway Kid" by R.B. Mitchell
7. "Dangerous Surrender" Kay Warren
8. "There is No Me Without You" by Melissa Fay Greene

If you have not done much reading on orphans/adoption I highly recommend "Fields of the Fatherless." This is a short, basic, to-the-point book that hits the key points of the orphan crisis and the Christian's call to help. A fabulous book.

Second up is "There Is No Me Without You." This book changed my life. A gripping story about a sweet woman in Ethiopia who ministered to thousands of AIDS orphans.

Which book are you choosing?! Tell me when you finish and what you thought about it! :)

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  1. What about "Snowflakes: A Flurry of Adoption Stories"???