Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And so encourage...

"Therefore encourage one another and build eachother up, just as in fact you are doing."

1 Thessalonians 5:11

There are countless times in the Bible where we are called to encourage one another. I believe one of the main reasons God gave us the Word is to that we might be encouraged by it, and spurred on to live out our faith. We can choose to use OUR words to lift others' hearts too.

I have watched many adoptive families on their journeys to bring their children home. And it is exhausting. I have talked with the couple who run the orphanage in Guatemala. And it is exhausting. I have watched the orphanage workers tirelessly take care of children. Every week. Day and night. And it is exhausting. We all, whether or not we're in the adoption journey, grow weak and weary of this race. Why else would Paul talk so much about persevering? He got tired in his ministry, discouraged by the lack of passion.

And so for the remainder of February, and into March, I'm challenging myself to write 2 letters of encouragement to people who are involved in orphan/adoption ministry.

Here are some ideas:

- A family who is in the adoption process currently

- A foster care family.

- A family who has already adopted (either recently or not). You can tell them about how much you've enjoyed watching their family grow and seeing them live out their faith.

- Anyone who works for DCSF or an adoption agency. This is a tiring job that doesn't always have great outcomes.

- Anyone who has an orphan care ministry.

- The director of the orphan program (if you have one) at your church.

These are just some ideas!!

Leave me a comment and tell me who you decided to write to!
Happy encouraging! :)


  1. Oh this is a great one!! I am going to write to 2 of the people at the Philip Hayden Foundation, and even though I think my letter won't be all that much, I pray that God uses it to really bring encouragement to their day.

  2. I've been spreadin' the word- this is a great challenge!