Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week 1!!

We've almost finished week 1 of October Challenge. Thank you prayer warriors, and thank you sweet ones for commenting. It is so encouraging.

As I've been praying this past week the Lord has been turning my prayers not to provision of physical needs for the orphans (though this is important) but to their hearts.

Whenever I pray for Claudia, I always pray that the Lord would grow her relationship with Jesus. By God's grace, at the moment she is in an orphanage where she does get to learn about Christ. She goes to church and attends a fabulous Christian school. But she is one very fortunate little girl. This is not the norm for most of the orphans. Many of them have nobody to tell them about Jesus. We need to be praying for the salvation of these kids.

One thing the Lord has done in my heart since experiencing Guatemala has been an expansion of my focus. Before Guatemala, I always thought of orphans as being little babies. There are many many babies, but there are also orphans who are even 15 years old. There are teenage orphans who are searching for a purpose, hope, something to believe in. That thing is Christ. We need to be praying that God would place people in these kids lives who will share the hope of Jesus with them.

The human heart is a beautiful, tender, sensitive thing. We feel deep. Really deep. Children are no different. Many of these kids hearts have been bruised, broken, and pierced by abuse and neglect. Kids are even coming home to their families with stories of mistreatment from their orphanages- places that should provide shelter and refuge for them. These kids hearts are full of doubt, fear, and mistrust. They wonder what is wrong, why they don't have a family, what did they do to deserve this loneliness?? Their hearts are broken and hurting.

So as you go to the Father in prayer, pray for the binding of the brokenhearted, healing of the wounds that these children have received. The Father knows their hearts and their needs better than we ever can.

Thank you sweet prayer warriors. Together we will entrust these children to Him!


  1. Great post, Molly! We need to keep reminding ourselves that, as necessary and important as earthly adoption is for these kids, true HOPE for their situation comes from heavenly adoption alone...knowing Christ Jesus as their Abba father.
    What a privilege we have, though, to go down on our knees and plead for their precious souls in prayer!